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Having a lecture once every two months at this gallery

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April 4, 2013: Complex of music and art

4/4What is modernism?
5/19Contemporary Australian Art
6/19Israeli Contemporary Art
7/14Israeli Contemporary Art slide show
9/22Art and society: purpose of art
10/20Art and society: What is 'Garbage Art'? slide show
11/17Expression Of Identity
2/16Where is contemporary art?
3/23Art Museum And Museum
4/20Five 20th Century Giants
5/30Latin America Series slide show
6/13Latin America Series slide show
7/18Latin America Series slide show
9/12Latin America Series slide show
10/26Europen Art Exclsive Summary<Spain/England>
11/14Yokohama Triennale Investigative Commission
12/12Summarize 2011
1/6Current And Future Of International Triennale
2/13Cubism Picasso, Black
3/13Sao Paula Triennale Investigative Commission
4/19Sao Paula Triennale Investigative Commission
6/20Fauvisme Matisse、Doran
9/13Architecture is considered as mother of Art
10/11Art And Religion
11/29Art And Politics
12/20Bauhaus Gropius、KLEE、Horimo Naji
2/22Reasons pieces by Japanese artists are not interesting.
3/13Latin American artists
4/11British Contemporary Arts(with NaokoUSUKI)
5/23Meaning of Japanese arts
7/18Venice Biennale
9/19What I learned from Tsumari Art Triennial
10/14Is this possible that one piece of art can change the world?
11/20Political Art
12/16a meeting for reviewing 、a year-end session (meeting)
4/16Art & Spilit
12/25Venice BiennaleShinbashi・Zenrin Office Building 4:00 pm 〜
2/24Surrounding KeikoMATAKI
6/9Art and WarGalleryGOTO 6:30 pm 〜
10/24Can art save people's life?GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
12/9New York Current Art SceneGalleryGOTO 7:30 pm〜
1/27Theme「Artist and Architect」GalleryGOTO PM7:00〜
3/24Subculture and Art?GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
5/19「Japanese Art、Here is strange Japanese. museum sectionGalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
7/21Which role does God play?GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
10/30People swimming in a sea this time of year.GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
12/14Talking about『Fifth Asian Pacific Art Triennial』GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
2/16「What is the difference between museum and art gallery?」GalleryGOTO PM7:00〜
9/26「Changes inside world of Japanese Art」GalleryGOTO PM7:00〜
2/15「Can art be an therapist?」GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
4/4「Way looking at things ー through TaroOKAMOTO Contemporary Mseum」GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
6/13「Art as a media」GalleryGOTO PM7:00〜
9/12「Modernism and the End of Art」Zenrikaikan 7:00 pm〜
12/16Zenrikaikan 7:00 pm〜
2/27「Art and War」GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
4/17「Why Japanese like Comic Art?」GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
6/26「We have a speech by NaokoTOMIOKA who had a one year of training in New York.」GalleryGOTO 7:00 pm〜
10/29「So Paulo Venice Biennale」Zenrikaikan 7:00 pm〜
2/25「Religion and Art」GalleryGOTO
4/28「Art and Religion the last part」GalleryGOTO
7/31「Primitive Art and Representation」Zenrikaikan
4/4「Complex of music and art」GalleruGOTO