Art Coordination Service

Hallway from the main entrance to a living room is like a gallery. Some temperas drawn by Sanae Watanabe which a color feeling overflows are decarated nicely along the hallway.

Photographs by Naohilo Sakuma(Hibi)

Life with Art

From 'Life is ART 2006 WINTER'

 For those people who want to buy some arts, but doesn't have a chance to get in a gallery, why don't you use 'Art Coordination Services' of GalleryGOTO? Using the services to introduce appropriate pieces of work to you will be the nearest way for you to a life filled with arts .

Opened GalleryGOTO with some new work of TetsuyaNODA, the woodblock artist who is very famous all over the world in 1998. After that, GalleryGOTO does not have only woodblock prints, but also pictures and sculptures.

 There is nothing on the wall. But, the atmosphere will be more affluent if tere is a drawing on the wall. A sensitivity will be improved just by looking at the drawing every day. The drawing which makes people's life more rich should spread over the people's life more.

 From such a thought, the owner of GalleryGOTO, MarikoGOTO started a service called 'Art Coordination Service' which helps customers choose th suitable drawings for a particular room and decorate them in addition to a gallery business. 'Why don't you start from purchasing a drawing once or twice a year? It doesn't matter who drew it. The important thing is to continue buying what you like. If you do so, your home will be a small gallery some day. Isn't teaching that to customers also one of the responsibilities of galleries?' The word of respectable artist became a chance to start this service.

 In Japan, people think things at a gallery are very expensive and it is dfficult to get into the gallery. However, this service is really simple. GalleryGOTO goes to customer's home and introdeces arts that fit to it. If you bring a picture of where you live, GalleryGOTO will also be able to introduce suitable arts to you. Please feel free to ask about this service. GalleryGOTO has many different types of arts including woodcut prints, oil paintings and sculptures. Their prices vary from a few thousand yens to a few million yens. The most important thing is intoroducing arts that fit to customers' budgets and the atmosphere of their home and help them decorate even one corner of their home such as a living room and an entrance. Also works for publid places. In fact, GalleryGOTO introduced an woodblock print for a room of a president and the president said he really liked the art since he got a lot of enery from it and the company has been using this service since then.

 The first customer whom GalleryGOTO helped decorating room is HiroakiNIIYAMA whi lived in a tower at Ikebukuro Tokyo 'The Tower Grandia. Arts at a spacious living room and entrance make his home very stylish. He is usually very busy with his work and doesn't have much time to enjoy playing with arts. He said 'If I didn't have a chance, I would end up with decorating just some posters'.

Left・Middle Picture:InnerCosmos(acryl, campus) series of Pan-wei. To the black based art, a black flame was chosen. Right Picture: Niiyama family surrounding by a work or TetsuyaNODA:『revelation』(Water color painting)

 Today, GalleryGOTO brought a new art(a picture at a right top of this page) for a room of a 3 month old child of Chizuko named Leo. Chizuko and her husband said that they really started to like arts that are warm and kind. Mrs.Goto said 'people clearly remember beautiful things they saw when they were small. This art will be very memorial.'. Leo will also feel this warm atmosphere and leave that in her mind.
 If there is a chance, arts will make people's lives more rich and colorful. Please ask for details at GalleryGOTO and find an art you really like. After a few months, you will be able to feel how close arts are.

Some of arts we have. Left:MarioEBIKO(A place of evenings) acrylic Center:NorioUENO water color painting
Right:TetsuyaNODA くDiary:Nov16th102)Woodblock prints・Silk Screen

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